A long Interview in French about my background and career as a Game Music Composer.

An Interview about the Music Production for “STYX – Shards of Darkness” :

Regalia of Men & Monarchs Soundtrack,  Featuring a 35 pieces orchestra :

STYX Shards of Darkness Soundtrack,  shot in Video,  featuring  cool instruments such as Ehru, Duduk, Contrabassoon, Cello Quartet,  Loads of Percussions, & more :

An Extract from “STYX” Master of Shadows , Soundtrack Recording, featuring a cello quartet :

BASS of DUTYVGM Covers exclusively on Bass  :

A Playlist of Trailers featuring my music and sometimes  my Sound Design :

The Story Behind the Music of STYX Master of Shadows :

A Playlist of Official Video Clip and Live Footages from my former Rock/Metal Band  “Discloser” (On the Bass) :

1 Jour 1 Question :  I did the music of this French TV show (and Sound Design for the first episodes)

A Playlist of Live Performance from my former Prog Metal Band “Aeterna Hystoria”  (On the Keyboards):

Improvising Jazz Piano, As I was Studying it seriously in Conservatoire du 9ème, Paris (in 2008) :