Bio / Credits

Henri-Pierre Pellegrin, aka H-Pi, is a french composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work in Video Games (STYX 1 & 2,  Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood, Streets of Rage 4, Trackmania, Amour Sucré,…), but his credits also includes TV. (1 Jour 1 Question,…). A fragment of his work is used in the movie “ELLE” by Paul Verhoeven. He performed as a bassist or keyboardist in various side projects (Bass of Duty, Lokurah, Discloser, Aeterna Hystoria). Henri-Pierre works as a Sound Designer as well, on several game projects.

Born in 1980,  early interested in music, he started learning the piano when he was 7, and took classes in different Jazz music schools, while following an academic course in acoustics, computers & audiovisual. Then, he specialized on Interactive Music for Games. H-Pi got into the gaming industry as a composer in 2003, with “Trackmania”. From 2005 to 2009, He was an in-house Composer/Sound Designer at GameloftThen he joined Game Audio Factory team in 2010, and now he’s a freelancer since 2015. Over the years, he has composed tons of  soundtracks in various music genres.

His recent credits includes :
The Architect : Paris (Jazz/Folk/Ambient),
Werewolf The Apocalypse : Earthblood (Metal/Tribal/Electro/Orchestral),
–  Streets of Rage 4 (Cutscenes music – “90’s electro”),
–  Brave Frontier : The Last Summoner (JRPG Orchestral),
Styx Shards of Darkness (Ping Award 2017 : Best Soundtrack) (Dark Fantasy),
and Regalia of Men & Monarchs (Full Orchestra Recording) (JRPG).

H-Pi is a true musical chameleon. Composing for a wealth projects has enabled him to demonstrate his talent for merging an incredible variety of musical styles into his own universe. He has the rare ability to make anything sounds unique, and his innovative approach to music has led him being increasingly in demand for the scoring of games.

Exhaustive Credits List  :

Click on the Project Name for Audio Samples :

2022 :

TBA  (Nacon Cyanide) – PC
Wacky Battles  (Pop Screen) – Mobile
TBA,  (Runes Studio) – PC

2021 :

The Architect : Paris (Enodo Games)- PC
Werewolf The Apocalypse : Earthblood (Nacon/Cyanide)PC/XBO/PS4

2020 :

Streets of Rage 4 (In Game Cinematics) (Dotemu/Lizardcube/Guard Crush) – PC/XBO/PS4/Swi

2019 :

Odysight (Tilak) (iOS)
FDJ – 123 Safari (web)
FDJ – Trésors ensablés (web)
FDJ – ¨Pile up Donut (web)

2018 :

Brave Frontier : The Last Summoner (Gumi Europe) – iOS
Tennis Manager (2018 – 2019 – 2020) –  (Rebound CG) –  iOS/PC

2017 :

Dobble Duel (Asmodee) – iOS

2016 :

STYX Shards of Darkness (Cyanide/Focus) – PC/PS4/XBO
Regalia Of Men & Monarchs (Pixelated Milk) – PC/PSN
Eldarya (Beemoov) – Web

2015 :

Monster & Commander (OhBibi) – iOS
Tobo Emag 3-6 (Milan Presse) – iOS

Tobo Emag 7-10 (Milan Presse) – iOS
Save Me Pythie (Slidy Book) (Beemoov) – iOS
Vis à Vis (Slidy Book) (Beemoov) – iOS
LetterWay (Amusing Mind) – iOS/And
Pastry Witch  (Beemoov) – iOS/And

2014 :

STYX Master of Shadows (Cyanide/Focus) – PC/PS4/XBO
Tour de France 2014 (Cyanide/Focus) – PC/PS4/XBO
CroMimi Life
(Beemoov) – iOS/And
Kindly Colors (Amusing Mind) – iOS/And
Grapes Issue (Equilibre Games) – And
Gourmet Quest (Xiwen Games) – Web
Dogs of War (Cyanide) – Web

2013 :
Aarklash Legacy (Cyanide) – PC
Naughty Boy (Heliceum) – iOS/And
Bonheur de Lire (Seven Academy) – iOS/Android
Tic Toc Time (Seven Academy) – iOS/Android
Discover Paris/USA (Seven Academy) – iOS/Android
Count up To Ten (Seven Academy) – iOS/Android

2012 :

Runsanity (Heliceum) – iOS/Android
Urban Rivals (Boostr) – PC/iOS/And
Fantasy Rivals (Boostr) – PC/iOS/And
Mobiclic n°65–>174 (Milan Presse) – Cd-Rom
Toboclic n°40–>127 (Milan Presse) – Cd-Rom
Bubble Blast Rescue (Magma Mobile) – iOS

2011 :

Arcadia Hospital (Sanuk Games) – PC
B2P (GamePulp) – iOS
Alcatraz Break Out (Konami) – iOS
HappyLife (Humano Games) – Web
Reductor (GamePulp) – iOS
Amour Sucré (Beemoov) – Web/Anime
Secteur 18 (Beemoov) – web
Cro Mimi (Beemoov) – web
Ma Bimbo (Beemoov) – web

2010 :

Via Mortis (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
Imaginations (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
Broadunoard (McComicBook)
(Tekneo) – iOS

Dynamo (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
Polo (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
Fergus (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
Fate Spinner (McComicBook) (Tekneo) – iOS
M6 Deco (MediaStay) – web
DivinitiZ (Mandala Games) – web
Laserdance Robberries (Konami) – iOS
Waf Waf (Beemoov) – web
Gate 4 Wars (Beemoov) – web
Rue du Fric (Beemoov) – web
My Baby 2 (Dancin Dots/Nobilis) – NDS

2005–2009 (The “Gameloft” Years)  :

Gameloft Play! (Gameloft) – NDS
Miami Nights (Gameloft) – NDS
Pocket Chef (Gameloft) – Cell
Spring Break Fever (Gameloft) – Cell
Spooks (Mi5) (Gameloft) – Cell
Platinum Sudoku 2 (Gameloft) – Cell
Midnight Poker 3D (Gameloft) – Cell
Bubble Bash (Gameloft) – iOS/Cell
Wonder Blocks (Gameloft) – iOS/Cell
Oregon Trail (Gameloft) – iOS
Platinum Kakuro (Gameloft) – Cell
Spring Break 2 (Gameloft) – Cell
Pro Rally Racing (Gameloft) – Cell
Pirates of the 7 seas (Gameloft) – Cell
Hulkmania (Gameloft) – Cell
Lucha Libre (Gameloft) – Cell
Rock\’n\’Blocks (Gameloft) – Cell
Tennis Open 2007 (Gameloft) – Cell
Turbo Jetski 3D (Gameloft) – Cell
Real Football 2006 (Gameloft) – Cell
Midgnight Sudoku (Gameloft) – NDS
Brain Challenge (Gameloft) – XBLA/PSN/DS/PC/iOS/Cell
Lumines (Gameloft) – Cell
Rayman Kart (Gameloft) – Cell
Rainbow Six Vegas (Gameloft) – Cell
Splinter Cell Double Agent (Gameloft) – Cell
And1 Streetball (Gameloft) – Cell
Pinball Mystery Mansion (Gameloft) – iOS

2003 :

Trackmania Original (Nadeo/Focus) – PC
Trackmania (Nadeo/Focus) – PC
Virtual Skipper (Nadeo/Focus) – PC


Discloser – T.O.Y. TV (M&O Music)
Aeterna Hystoria – Legends of Aushpaal (M&O Music)
German Predator – Dance in Underwear (Mus1)

MOVIES / TV Shows  :

1 Jour 1 Question (Milan / France Televisions) France 4/YT
Rufo en dit Trop (Milan) – YT
Action Internationale du secours catholique  (Caritas) – DVD
Free Jazz Requiem (Student Movie)