The Architect : Paris (Soundtrack)

The Original Soundtrack from the Game The Architect : Paris, is out on every digital platforms,  since February 25th, 2021.

It is splitted in a Main Album, and 3 Thematic Versions based on the Game Indexes (Planet, People and Profit) :

The Main Album is available below :
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It contains the main themes as well as random versions of “City View Music” mixing the different indexes of the game. A Frenchy & Chill Mix of Jazz/Electro/Folk and Classical flavors.

contains the “City View” themes only in their “Classical” version. It’s performed by a string quartet (Sinfonia Pop Orchestra) with some xylophone;  It’s delicate, calm and bucolic.

planet banner

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contains the “City View” themes in a cold and technological electro-ambient version, mixing evolving pads and drum machine, but somehow  chill and Jazzy as always.

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The album People is in a more Folk/Soul style with Fretless MicroBass, melodica, rhodes, acoustic guitar, and drums, on more groovy rhythms.

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The music in The Architect: Paris, being procedural and dynamic, should be listened to “in game” for a better experience.
But, a good way to enjoy it is to launch a random playlist in your favorite streaming service:

The Architect : Paris – Full OST (Spotify Playlist)

The Architect : Paris – Full OST (Deezer Playlist)

Making Of :

I explained the process of creating the Soundtrack in more detail in an online talk for the “Add On” (starting at 9:18) : (In French) 

Below, The Making Of the recording of the Planet index, with the musicians of the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra in my studio:

A long clip version of the song “K” (Planet):

Here is an extract of the interactive music player I developed to test the music:

The Interactive Music Player (for Windows) can be downloaded below
(500Mb) :

The Architect : Paris Soundtrack Player

Werewolf The Apocalypse : Earthblood (Soundtrack)

Werewolf : The Apocalypse – Earthblood Soundtrack is out on every digital platforms, since February 4th, 2021 :

Apple Music
(also available on Tidal, Amazon, etc…)

It consists of Metal and Dark Ambient Electronica, with a bit of Tribal elements.

I described the whole process of creation and influences in this interview .

You’ll learn that I composed some tracks by the light of a full moon ! and that is somehow a personal soundtrack, mixing music styles I love and playing different instruments.

Here’s a making of the soundtrack :

and a nice review by “A Closer Listen” :
“tracks like that achieve the holy grail of symphonic metal bands everywhere: grace in chaotic, furious sentiments.”