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Gamekult “La Juste Note”  (2013) : (Go to the Interview)

STYX Shards of Darkness – PS4/XboxOne/PC

Gamergen :
“La partie sonore est là encore réussie, avec des thèmes musicaux qui accompagnent parfaitement l’action”
Gamersyde :
“Les + : BO Soignée” :
“Superbe bande son organique.”
“Les + : Bande son discrète mais délicieuse”
StickyTrigger :
“The Sound in Styx is fairly impressive, to say the least, the score for the title is brooding and gloomy, fitting to the world it exists within.
Capsule Computers :
“The music sets the right mood for creeping in the shadows and build just the right amount of tension.”
Let’s play Videogames :
“The music also does a great job at setting the fantastical, subtle tone the game does so well.
Culturellement votre :
“L’artiste est toujours aussi bon dans la gestion des instruments à cordes, et les sonorités s’accordent idéalement aux situations.”

STYX Master of Shadows – PS4/XboxOne/PC :
“Styx’s musical score is nothing short of phenomenal, […] Music like this can really help to stretch a game’s tension to its breaking point.[…] This is easily one of the best soundtracks so far this generation” :
“Music is top notch, catchy and fits perfectly with the style.” :
“The musical score of the title is equally impressive, as Henri Pierre Pellegrin’s music fits the mood created by Cyanide Studios. The music tends to be somber and slow while Styx creeps around the Tower of Akenash, with it picking up when you are spotted or in battle.” :
“Stellar soundtrack […]The soundtrack deserves equal credit, with an excellent score that always seems to be appropriate to the scene at hand.” :
“One thing that it does remarkably though is the music. It is absolutely fantastic. Full of orchestral arrangements composed by French artist Henri Pierre Pellegrin. It’s melancholy and sullen in all the right ways and really helps brings the otherwise okay segments of the game to life.”

Aarklash Legacy – PC :
“Upon booting up the game, the first thing that struck me was the music, which is not typical. Usually I wait until the end of any given review to mention it, but I was so reminded of Diablo and Tristram, I sat at the title screen just listening for a few minutes to see where it would take me. The rest of the music throughout the game measures up, and though the maps are colorful, as are the characters you control and meet along the way, the music provides levity through its evocatively dark, somber overtones that really hit the isolation your squad is experiencing home”.
Pixel Perfect Gaming :
“Beautiful music”
ShortGameReview :
“the title screen, intro, and load screens had beautiful images and mesmerizing music. I did like how when the game finished loading the screen said to press any key to continue so I could stay on the screen and listen to the music.”

  Bubble Bash – iPod
“The music is another high point of production — Gameloft has excelled over and over at pumping music into its iPod games that is so good you will be tempted to turn your own library off in favor of it.
the audio is solid,[…]
” It looks and sounds lovely – something notable about the iPhone games we\’ve played so far, including Bubble Bash, is the quality of the sound”

 Brain Challege – iPod :
[…]and the music is especially good. This is one of those rare iPod games that will make you consider not using your own library as a soundtrack.[…]”

 Mystery Mansion Pinball – (Mobile) :
“[…]I love the B-movie theme, the LED mini-games, and the sound effects. […]”

 Rayman Kart – (Mobile) :
[…]Each world has its own musical theme, too, and none of them are duds. A couple of them would actually be great ringtones. […]the game is very pleasing to look at and listen to.[…]” :
“[…]Instead of giving a simple engine growl throughout the entire race, Gameloft has included a different soundtrack with every world. This was something unexpected and I liked the catchy tunes so much that unlocking the all the worlds to hear them was one of the things I aimed for during play.[…]”

 Splinter Cell Double Agent – (Mobile) :
“[…] Double Agent always starts with a nice soundtrack […]the soundtrack is pretty moody in and of itself.[…]”

 Lumines – (Mobile) :
“[…]Which is what\’s probably most surprising about Lumines. It\’s really hard to believe how much of the music in the game is actually good. […] there are also several that electronica fans will want to add to their MP3 collections. It\’s not what it was on PSP, but it\’s way beyond what we expected when we first heard word of the mobile port. […]”

Discloser -(Band) – PressBook (2012)